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How to Create Better Content with a Reader Journey Map

I have two businesses - essentially. I have an agency side that serves my clients who want their content and marketing off their plates and done for them. And I also have my education side where I have the privilege of getting to teach entrepreneurs to do...

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Epic Guide to Creating Your 2018 Content Strategy

You'd think that as a content strategist who helps her clients manage successful content strategies and workflows that I'd have this all down for myself, right? That's not always the case. That shoemaker's children's shoe idiom strikes again. Now I started...

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Your Content Empire Roadmap

Decisions, decisions. The road to a successful business is paved with them. And it can, understandably, drive entrepreneurs a little nutty, a lotta overwhelmed, and (hopefully no more than) a smidgen paralyzed into inaction. The equally awful and beautiful...

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How to Create the Perfect Quarterly Content Plan

Planning my content by quarters has been a game changer in my business. I’m able to keep up with (and even stay ahead of) my content calendar, be intentional about what I’m publishing in a way that supports my whole business not just my blog and I’m able...

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32 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Post in 5 Minutes

Chances are you’re not getting as much mileage from your blog posts as you could be. Maybe you’re a bit of a drive-by blogger? A post-and-runner? A publish and forget-about-it kinda content creator? I come across a lot of business owners like this, who...

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