your profitable funnel

Let’s co-create your profitable sales funnel to reach all of your business growth, list building and sales goals

I get it. You heard so and so made THIS much with her course while she was sleeping.

Eyeroll… Except – that can be you too.

Together, we’ll reverse engineer the perfect freebie to attract and validate quality prospects, woo and convert them with your value-building email sequence. Then we’ll top everything off with a magnetic traffic strategy to drive oodles of traffic to your freebie and the top of your funnel.

🙌 Here’s to sleeping more and making bank.

Katie Hunt testimonial for Your Content Empire“Hailey is a content wizard. I reached out because I needed help organizing and systematizing our email sales funnels. Since we implemented Hailey’s plan three weeks ago, we’ve seen a 160% increase in the number of new email subscribers.  Plus, open rates, click-throughs and engagement are up. Hailey is thorough, professional and a pleasure to work with. Hailey offers thoughtful strategic plans as well as execution; I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp

Here’s what you can expect:


  • Attract your dream-come-true clients and customers without having to hunt for them
  • Break out of the feast-and-famine business cycle because your funnel is providing a steady stream of high-quality leads even when you’re busy doing other things
  • Automate strategically magnetic content that practically (or totally) sells your offers for you
  • Build a list full of the right subscribers and craft an automated experience that nurtures, engages and delights


ready to make this thing happen?

à la carte maximizers

those little extras that you can add on to our project

  • Salespage copy and design – $500
  • Migration to a new email service provider – $300
  • Co-creation of a tripwire offer (writing, design and production support) – starts at $400
  • Ongoing maintenance and content retainer packages are available too

core package

the main event – expected duration 5-8 weeks

  • 3 x 60-minute strategy and content interview calls
  • Create a map of your sales funnel strategy so you have a high-level view how everything works together
  • Co-Create your opt-in gift, opt-in page, thank you page and welcome email
  • Write your email sequence leading from freebie to offer (up to 7 emails including the welcome email)
  • Assist in helping set up your funnel in your email service provider (forms, email sequence, automations)
  • 3-month paid and organic traffic strategy to launch your evergreen sales funnel

$2000 (50% to get started)

What They're Saying...

Working with Hailey during our 1:1 sessions and the workshops around workflow and funnels has been amazing.

I have a solid sales funnel in place that helps me book new clients on a consistent basis and created a small group program that I’ve run two times this year.  I also have created a system for holding monthly masterclasses for my own community and have been booking opportunities to be a guest expert in other people’s communities. It’s like having a brainstorming and strategy partner all in one!

– Kathryn Brown,

What They're Saying...

Amber McCue testimonial for Hailey DaleHailey never ceases to amaze me with all of the savvy marketing strategies she has in her toolbox

“Just when you think you have her figured out, she pops up with something more incredible than you could imagine! She gets it done. Even more, she’s incredibly kind and supportive while she’s getting it done. It’s a winning combination you don’t want to miss out on!”

– Amber McCue,

What They're Saying...

If you have the opportunity to work with her and learn from her, take it!Testimonial for Hailey Dale of Your Content Empire

“Hailey is warm, professional and fully committed to creating the most valuable and fulfilling experience for all who work with her! She is an amazing teacher full of resources and strategies to transform your inner greatness into show-stopping brilliance. If you have the opportunity to work with her and learn from her, take it!”

– Celia Ward-Wallace, The Super Fly Program

frequently asked questions

+ What if I don’t have a very big list yet?

Perfect! I’d rather have you monetize your email list building activities from the get-go instead of waiting until you feel like you have everything just right (you’ll never feel like you do so you’ll be waiting forever if this is your plan). The traffic component of the package will help you attract high-quality traffic instead of the trial-and-error struggle approach.

+ What if I don’t have a product or something to sell?

No product, no problem. There are a couple of different options for your funnel. One – we can sell your service offers in your funnel. Two – we can add on a tripwire product to your package (see the a la carte maximizers). If what you want to create is a little more in depth, we can create a custom package including support for that piece too.

+ How does this process work?

We’ll build your funnel in 3 phases and each phase will have a 1:1 call, drafting and co-revision process. We’ll start with your high-level funnel strategy and creating your freebie. Then move onto your email sequence and positioning your offer. Then we’ll cap it off by crafting a traffic strategy. Each phase builds on the next and works together to create a profitable, converting funnel.

+ How much time will I have to invest?

It’s certainly not a hands-off process. Averaging out past client experiences, each phase of the package (there’s 3 to 4 of them depending on which add-ons you choose) will require approximately 2-3 hours of your time including the 1:1 meeting, pulling additional information, and for the revision process.

+ How do I get started? What are the next steps?

First step is to click that button below and schedule a 20-minute consultation. That way we can make sure this package is the right fit for your project and business. If it’s a match, I’ll send you a contract and 50% invoice. Once those are wrapped up, it’s onto the intake form, welcome party and scheduling our first 1:1 session.

Ready to get profitable and build a business you're proud of?

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