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Your Content Empire is a community + content hub for small business owners to learn about content marketing from a 360-degree angle – strategies, systems, tactics from new and established voices. We strive to be the go-to for our audience in all things content and marketing.

What makes us tick? Radically serving YOU is at the center of everything we do – all the free content we create, all the programs we put out and all the services we offer.

Plus, we do things a little different around here. For starters, we’re taking an #OperationImplementation approach – creating actionable content that you can use right away is our mandate (fancy checklists included). And the things you can’t take action on right away (because, oh, life), you can save any post for later in your personal dashboard. Get all the deets here!

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meet hailey

Founder + Chief Content Officer at Your Content Empire

Helping you attract new clients and leads with an irresistible content strategy? That’s my jam.

As a certified content strategist, I partner with small business owners who are over the shoulds and ready to build their content empires – their way.



  • 12 years experience in working with very large to itty-bitty businesses to build their content strategies & online presences
  • MA Degree in Communications with focus in Strategic Communications
  • Content Strategy Certification from Northwestern University.
  • The results I’ve gotten for my clients and the kind words they’ve used to endorse me. Check ’em out here. 
Other Tids & Tads

  • My favourite show ever is Gilmore Girls – I rewatch the entire series annually.
  • I love Halloween – I start months in advance planning my pumpkin carving strategy, themed dinner parties and elaborate costumes for my pup, Dozer.
  • Even though I have a penchant for bright colours and patterns, 90% of my wardrobe is black.
  • If I’m not working, chances are I’m curled up somewhere with an Americano & a book (I’ve finished 1-2 novels a week since I was 7).

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