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The Ultimate Guide to Using the Forever Funnel Strategy

I’ve been using the Forever Funnel strategy with many of my clients since 2016 and it’s one of my favourite systems to put into place for clients who happen to have a lot of content already created. But this year I started thinking of ways that even those...

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Content Empire Takeover with Coach Maggie Giele

This post is a part of the Content Empire Takeover series (actually it’s the first one!) Think of it like Tabatha's Salon Takeover but for online entrepreneurs. My community has told me that they’re craving content that goes beyond a simple how-to but really goes into...

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How to Choose and Create the Perfect Funnel Freebie

A question I get all the time about opt-in freebies is “How can I make sure my freebie idea is something that'll actually appeal to potential subscribers? I always spend a lot of time creating these and then no one opts-in." We want to make sure that your...

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My Creative Process – Sales Funnels

I’ve worked on dozens of sales funnels in the last year alone, and all of them have been one-of-a-kind based on the specific product, industry, resources and goals that the client had. But even so, there’s an underlying system that guides every one of...

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