How to plan & run a profitable affiliate launch

An affiliate launch is when you promote someone else's product or service using your content. It's a great way to make an offer, even if you haven't created one yet. So if you've been talking about a particular topic or theme for a while, but don't have...

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40 Ways to Promote Your Next Launch

First - What is the PESO model? The PESO model was originally introduced by Gina Dietrich of Spin Sucks for the PR and media world. But it's a powerful content marketing tool too, especially when applying it to your launch strategy. Here's what it stands...

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How to Create a Successful Pre-Launch Campaign

Most of my launch strategy clients have tried launching a course or product previously but haven’t been happy with the results they’ve gotten. Most of what you hear about first-time launches is a bunch of crap - there’s no one gets it completely right the...

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Three Tips for Simplifying Your Launch Graphics

You’re almost ready to launch your new product into the world – you’ve researched, you’ve tweaked it, and you’ve tested it. Launching a product is no small feat. You’ve got to plan the timeline, write the content, plan webinars and ads, and recruit some...

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Ultimate Guide: How to Launch a Profitable Course

Most of us have been there before. You create a program that you know is going to be an absolute game changer for your people. You start your launch off, bubbling over with excitement to share it with everyone and anyone. And then...crickets. Every day...

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